AMEA Headquarters @ Nieuwmarkt
View from AMEA Headquarters @ Nieuwmarkt


AMEA’s workspaces are scattered all over the globe. Art aficionados who have a soft spot for the erotic and working with them is what makes the site tick. Different cultures, different views, that is what a World Museum is all about.
Still the heart of AMEA is the old photo studio where founder Hans van der Kamp lives and works. Altough he is no longer part of the daily routines of keeping the site and the shop afloat, the studio is still the meeting place for those closest to AMEA.
NWT_0954_ameaIt is also the main office where AMEA special projects were launched, such as the cooperation with the Russian Museum of Erotic Art in Moscow and the Sin City Gallery in Las Vegas. This is also the place where exhibits are being curated for third parties such as the Leslie Lohman Museum. But most important of all it is where the lifestyle that once originated this site is alive and kicking. Facebook maybe run by prudes, AMEA is based on the quite the opposite of ideas about sexuality. And not just expressed in words or images.
It’s a kinky place to be and we thought it would be fun to have staff photographer Evelyne Moore document The Studio and other AMEA projects, such as popup exhibits, installations, film making and performances.
So once in a blue moon Evelyne will post series of pictures of what is happening behind the scenes of The Studio. She is and will be photographing a rare mix of artists, models, gallerists, filmmakers and writers. All thoroughly opposed to gender politics, sexual dogma’s and the need to suppress what is supposed to be morally correct by the ‘better half’ of society.
The studio will often be occupied by transgenders, transvestites, Dominatrixes, slaves and fetishists. And of course people with the more accepted sexual preferences such as hetero- and homosexuality.