The Picture of the Day is back!

The Picture of the Day is back!

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In the earliest user interface of AMEA that I can remember, there was a picture of the day. Now, this was an activity I had to do manually, there was no way of automating that. So every day I was nervously checking my watch to see if it was time to upload the POTD, as it was soon called.

A trip to Paris for a few days became a disaster, because every day I had to rent expensive computer time in the café of the Centre Pompidou to upload a Picture of the Day.

Even when my father lay dying I had a laptop with me to make sure I would upload the daily picture in a timely fashion. All this over a 1200 baud modem.

It became such a pain in the neck that I started doing reruns. Visitors of AMEA have always been very kind but when a certain picture was rerun on a weekly basis, they started asking questions.

Today’s technology has given me an option to schedule posts on moments that are more convenient. Also, I can plan ahead. For now – the site isn’t even live yet – I am posting a lot of my own work, but that will change once this site will be live somewhere between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

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