The new site

The new site

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We have been working on this new site for quite some time. We were not happy with the last user interface, so suddenly last night we switched to the new one. That also meant a domain switch from ameanet dot org to ameanet dot com. All this without sending out a newsletter first. Mainly because we rarely send out newsletters.

Still, there are some changes to the new site you may like to know about:

– The old POTD, or Picture of the Day, is back! We had it for years, then got bored with it and now it seemed time to start over again. Main change: with the old POTD, you could only see the current one. Now you can stroll back and see previous ones too.

– Instead of long category lists, we now have pages with blocks of thumbnails, so you can easily choose which exhibit/gallery you might want to view.

– A new feature we haven’t tried before, not even in the almost 25 years this site exists, is AMEA Market Place. Basically it is a classifieds script meant for buying and selling. Anybody can offer goods or services by creating an account. There is no direct connection to a payment system. It is up to you how you want to get paid or how you pay. Last thing we need is having a merchant bank who takes 30%-50% on every book or piece of art sold, because we are supposed to be ‘high risk’ for showing nudity. Those banks are a higher risk than our site, so they can respectfully fuck themselves. PayPal and other creepy payment ‘solutions’ have been blocking our funds for almost a quarter of a century now.

– Of course, we added new galleries before the transition and we will be adding more in the coming weeks.

Best regards,

AmeaNet Staff

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