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The Forum

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The Forum

Our forum, The Hidden Archives has a long history. It was deleted years ago because of all the negativity of the administrator and his faithful posters. It got so bad that I almost killed this virtual museum, despite the many visitors. Instead I neglected this site for many years.

Until a little over a year ago when I created a completely new site. A completely new design and lots of extras such as a movie section with over 300 movies in it, but it was hard to find a payment provider that was not into censorship or ripping us off, so in the end we decided not to do it. So two months of work went down the drain.

We also revived the Hidden Archives to see what it would do. I was warned by many that a forum is so twentieth century, but I thought that most of us were so Twentieth Century, so I went ahead anyway.

Neither the new website layout nor the Hidden Archives were a success. Traffic dropped with over 50%.

Then the boys and girls of the Polish SPAM Brigade came in to take over the forum. I kept blocking IP-numbers but they kept coming back. I do not know what their bots were doing, but in the end the site kept on crashing and I simply gave up and decided to kill the forum and any membership options.

So, we are back where we started in 1996: a completely free AMEA!