Become a Friend of AMEa

One of the biggest challenges to keep a site alive for as long as 25 years is the costs involved. In 1996 it was an awkward situation with datatraffic costing 100 USD per Gigabyte. There were days we did over 3 Gigabyte a day, or more when our site was listed on a high traffic site.

Even today, with the lowest possible datatraffic rates and affordable Linux servers, there are considerable costs involved and it is hard to make money for two reasons. Advertizing in the adult sector really destroys the vistor experience of a site with erotic art. Other options, like paid content, involve signing a contract with a merchant bank that overcharges any website with nudity on it, because adult content is considered to be ‘high risk’. Been there, done that.

So, since the end of 2019 AMEA is – among other projects – sponsored by a foundation.

Of course, the foundation needs money too, so if you are willing to donate, even if it is a small amount, you are most welcome!