Eric Stanton

Eric Stanton

The Heroines of Eric Stanton

Eric Stanton made his illustrations in an era of large demonstrations and civil unrest. Eventually the American Civil Rights Act saw the light of day. A law that prohibits discrimination based on sex, color, race, religion and origin. Up to this date the situation of black Americans is far from perfect. And it may get even worse in the years to come.

Further back in time lies the right for females to vote. 1919. It is hard to imagine that the right to vote for women is not even a hundred years old. One would hesitate to compare the situation of Afro-Americans to the position of white females. That there is a lot more to do to create equality is obvious.

What does all this have to do with Eric Stanton, you might ask.

Well, governments can create new legislation. If this legislation does not live in the hearts of all people, we end up we a set of vague rules that are too often challenged by politicians and those enforcing the law.

Eric Stanton lived as an illustrator in the era of the super heroes, such as Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. The Comic Books in which the adventures of the never faling male heroes were told and depicted were immensely popular. They added indirectly to the image the average American had of The American Way of Life. A husband coming home in a big, shiny car, while his wife is obediently waiting for him. Of course she is dressed to perfection with painted nails and a perfect hairdo. Her freshly baked cookies are waiting on the kitchen table.

Well, Eric Stanton changed the image of that obedient wife and by doing so he did his part in the emancipation of women. And of course the acceptation of women as self supporting individuals. Last but not least he helped the partial acceptance of Femdom and BDSM.