Charles Gatewood

Charles Gatewood

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Charles Gatewood photographed  by Sean Hartgrove
Charles Gatewood photographed by Sean Hartgrove

AMEA was off line when Charles Gatewood died. We pulled AMEA’s plug on April 24th to revive the site a few weeks later. The news on Facebook came as a shock although Gatewood had not been feeling quite well for a long time.

His work is often connected to erotic art, but it really isn’t. As a young man Charles Gatewood studied anthropology and after receiving his degree he decided to become a photographer. The photographer and the anthropologist became one and Gatewood created an enormous body of work that could just as well be the study of an anthropologist documenting the many changes in American society.

Gatewood worked for Time, The New York Times and Rolling Stone. He preferred the somewhat strange, edgy subjects. He is probably best known for his early portraits of Bob Dylan and William Burroughs.

He had a lifelong friendship with American sex educator, former prostitute and feminist stripper Annie Sprinkle. She broke the news on Twitter that he was on life-support after plunging from the balcony of his third-floor apartment.

America lost one of its finest photographers.