Vintage Dita
Vintage Dita

Vintage Dita

Dita von Teese is the Queen of Burlesque. She was born in Michigan in 1972. She started out as a model and for a while she was married to Marilyn…

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Franz Rehfeld

Of course, depictions of fetishism exist since the beginning of times, but early photographers with an obsession for stockings boots and panties, are quite hard to find. Many look at…

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Jean Angelou
Jean Angelou

Jean Angelou

Jean Angelou was born in 1878 and died in 1921. He is one of the leading of the risqué Franch postcards. Little is known of his private life, but he…

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Norden’s Collection

Max van Norden has been with AMEA since the beginning. He used to be very active in newsgroups. In the 1990s he had a bot downloading UseNet pictures 24/7. He…

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J. Mandel – Paris

Julien Mandel (1872–1935) was one of the best-known commercial photographers of female nudes of the early twentieth century. He worked in Paris and his signature photography became known in the…

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Irving Klaw

Irving Klaw (November 9, 1910 - September 3, 1966) was an American photographer and filmmaker.Klaw is best known for operating a mail-order business selling photographs and film of attractive women…

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French Postcards

In the early 1900s there was a huge market for erotic postcards. Most of them were produced in France. The models often are found in classical poses, and were photographed…

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Fifties XXX

The people who voluntarily participated in pornography were courageous people. If you look at the cheesecakes from that era you see that almost none of the women showed more than…

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