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About this website

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Willem Koekkoek (1839-1895)
Nieuwmarkt by Willem Koekkoek (1839-1895)

AMEA // World Museum of Erotic Art is founded by Hans van der Kamp as a virtual museum in 1996. It is believed to be the first large site with erotic art to be linked by Yahoo, resulting in thousands of visitors every day.

The site became even more popular when a Forum was added around 1998. This site called The Hidden Archives had a vast amount of daily visitors from different countries and cultures. It became a Babylon of Erotic Art and there were daily clashes between moderators and a majority of American visitors.

The site was handed over to that majority, the conflicts vanished and the site went out like a candle.

In this new interface we have revived the Hidden Archives in a modest form.

2009 was the first year the main site fell from very few updates to no updates at all, mostly caused by the absence of founder Van der Kamp who was too busy pursuing his own career as a photographer. However, Van der Kamp stayed on as a curator/adviser.

Lately Van der Kamp came up with this new concept and is going solo once more. Of course with the help of a small group of friends.

If you want to learn more about AMEA’s history, please have a look at the AMEA section of The Hidden Archives where Van der Kamp is writing a concise history of the site.

If you have any remarks, ideas, or complaints about this new setup, please contact us, using the contact form.

Enjoy your stay!