The original 1996 disclaimer of this site: AMEA is located on a server in Amsterdam NL and it was founded by a small group of Dutch artists in 1996. Although much of the material presented here is considered to be pornography in many countries, it is the strong conviction of the founders that looking at imagery concerning the act of love will do no damage to your health. Click on the links in the top menu bar to start your journey through the past and present of erotic art.

Actually there was not really a ‘group’ of artists, just one photographer with very few coding skills, but for the rest the disclaimer is still valid. Even more so now, since we are observing censorship pop up all over the globe. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, even Tumblr ban any form of nudity, whereas violence towards specific groups in society seems te be less problematic.

Tech giants have a problem with erotica and they are forcing their philosophy upon the people they profit from most. Pornography in the old Greek meaning of the word was not about nudity, it was about vulgarity in language, thought and actions. Targeted ads would be considered pornographic in their philosophy. Spying on people through their smart phones would be considered pornographic.

These cultural developments, mostly coming from the gun and bomb crazy Western World, were one of the reasons we never killed this site, despite the fact we were never able to get a good payment system to cover our costs. Not updating the site seemed to be the only way to at least keep server costs low.

Now it seems to be time again to put more effort in this site. It is dark out there and we want to keep a bright light shining to make a stand against censorship.

Stay with us and enjoy the journey!